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I'm Abdul Aziz

I help startups and scaleups build technology that powers modern Mobile and Web Apps

Maximize Your Startup's Success

Having started and led my successful software agency for over 10+ years, I have collaborated with and helped numerous early-stage founders, each with their unique ideas and stories. I have also founded a venture backed startup, raised capital and exited during this time. So I know the common challenges that a founder faces.

I do not believe in hands-off advice and love to get my hands dirty. Having spent ample time in the trenches, I understand that mere advice can only take startups so far.

When you work with me, you get more than just guidance —I dive headfirst into the challenges you face. Drawing from my experience, I tackle problems that I have encountered and solved before, or those closely related, enabling me to provide meaningful assistance in overcoming obstacles. 

If you work with me, I'll be right there, shoulder-to-shoulder with you, driving your ideas to fruition and achieving milestones of growth and excellence.

Here are a few ways in which I can work for you:

Upgrading or launching new products or MVPs

Providing additional technical support to your team

Evaluating technology platforms and architecture decisions

Improving the evaluation of product success through analytics

Automating or optimizing your software/app delivery process

Set up conventional growth strategies like SEO

Let's schedule a FREE 30-minute CONSULTATION to discuss your specific needs and discuss how I can support you in achieving your goals

Trusted by global startups and scaleups


How Can I Help

Having embarked on my path as a junior developer back in 2007, I've had the privilege of witnessing the dynamic transformations within the software industry. From the rise of mobile and web 2.0 to the recent adoption of cutting-edge technologies like web 3.0 and Artificial Intelligence, I've experienced it all firsthand. Over the years, I have been fortunate to start and grow my own software development agency to 70+ people. I have recruited and trained numerous skilled engineers and supported numerous startups and entrepreneurs in creating successful products that are highly regarded by users and investors.

App Development

Whether you need a full team to handle your project or just need some extra support for your

existing team, I can help. If you have a clear idea and need to move quickly to bring your features to market, don't hesitate to reach out to me for assistance

Launching & Iterating Fast

As a startup, it can be challenging to build and test a product with limited time and resources.

I have successfully assisted many founders in bringing their ideas to their users quickly and efficiently. If you're struggling to do the same, let's have a conversation about how I can help

DevOps Support

I've built a company that specialized in DevOps practices and implementation for containerized software

on Kubernetes and OpenShift. We have been working in the space since 2017, also contribute actively to the open source ecosystem in this field and have developed several tools that are utilized by thousands of companies.

Technology Consulting

If you are uncertain about your technology stack or need help defining your data stack and

pipelines, I may be able to offer assistance. With experience using various platforms, clouds, tools, databases, and frameworks, I am well-versed in identifying the best solutions for different scenarios.


I offer will be competitive that can be customized to fit your needs. Discounts are available on longer-term engagements.

In some cases I also accept equity against discounted cash arrangements for early stage companies where I see enough potential.

DevOps & Cloud Consulting

Custom Pricing
Features & Benefits
Priced based on a mix of ideal open-source tools, proprietary tools, and support needed

Managed services, and consulting are typically priced on monthly contracts

Software Development

~ USD 240 Per Day
Features & Benefits
Highly competitive pricing per day so you only pay for working days

Fixed costs and discounts on longer projects

Estimate your MVP price using the self-help calculator

Technology Consulting

~ USD 100 Per Hour
Features & Benefits
Typically available on part-time basis for shorter assignments

Ideal if you want to target to improve a specific area of your product, technology or process
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